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I recently ran a little book giveaway thanks to Dr Lewis Kirkham from Baby and Pet and was overwhelmed by the love that poured forth from people for their furbabies.  You guys and the terrific bond you have with your pets are what makes being a vet worthwhile!  I’m not joking.  We don’t go to work every day for the funky smells we get to ‘wear’ home (think bum mixed with rotting fish and you’ve got a fairly accurate picture of the stuff that squirts out of anal glands), or for the delightful hours we get to work (come on animals, get sick between 9 and 5 please!).  And we sure as heck don’t do it for the buckets of money we take home every week.  Just ask my maid and my butler, I don’t pay them nearly as much as I should…

Aaaanyway, my point is, seeing how much people cherish their pets is like a blissful ray of sunshine that warms the cockles of my heart.  And everyone likes their cockles warmed, right?

 So Without Further Ado, the Woof-tastic Winners are…

 Lumi and Leila

Lumi and Leila

Miranda entered these two – their cuteness is almost unbearable!  This is what she had to say about them:

“Lumi and Leila always make us smile.  They give so much love and it is a joy to reciprocate. These fluffy characters brighten our world!”



Chewy and PK

Chewy and PK

Entered by soon-to-be mum of twins Erika, these two little dogs are very loved. I just wanna snuggle them so bad!

“Their little smiling faces and wagging bums are my world. I am pregnant with twins due 1/5 and more than anything I want to make the transition of bringing home babies as smooth as possible for them.”



Athena & Artie

 Athena and Artie

These two gorgeous girls were entered by Fiona . I have a feeling they’re going to fulfill their big sister roles beautifully.

“My furbabies are a part of the family because… between keeping me active with walks and ball throwing at the park, giving me lots of love and kisses, always listening to my ‘bad day’ issues, and constantly making me laugh with their antics (good medicine after a hard day!), I can’t imagine life without them.”



And these PAWesome dogs came runners up

I wish I had a prize for everyone, but these guys will just have to make do with, well, no prize… Sorry guys!  At least your beautiful pics are immortalised for the lifetime of my blog.


Yoshi-wan kenobi

Jessica’s dog Yoshi after the dreaded ordeal that is bath time


Olive Julie’s dog Olive enjoying a bush walk



Jennifer’s dog Kate is the best hiking partner and cuddle companion ever! (I reckon Kate and Olive would get on really well!)


BellaBilly’s beautiful girl Bella, who has helped fill the void left by the passing of another much loved furbaby


Thank You!

Hitching a Ride EXPLORE May, Thank you !

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of those who took the time to share a photo and a story about their furkids.  You guys obviously care enough about ensuring your dogs and babies (or future babies, or grandbabies!) will live in harmony.  Creature Clinic is all about pets and their people, and I feel really honoured that you guys took the time.  So here’s a duckling. I hope you like him!

By the way, if you would like to know a bit more about preparing a dog for the arrival of a new baby, I wrote a brilliant piece of literary genius about it right here.   Have a great day!!

Joanna Paul

Dr. Joanna Paul BVSc (hons) BSc

Jo is a practicing small animal veterinarian based in Melbourne, Australia. Working in partnership with loving pet owners to ensure their fur-kids remain happy, healthy family members life-long is what brings her joy. Well, that and taking naps. Jo strongly believes that helping to maintain the wonderful bond between a pet and their human is reason enough for a happy dance.

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  • Amy Wise

    Wow those photos are awesome! I love the one of the two dogs saying ‘we’re gonna be big sisters!’ I hate to hear stories of how dogs are put up for adoption or shunned outside because of a new baby.

    It’s great that all the entrants (and many others out there) have learned to prepare their dogs to accept a young child in the family. I will definitely do the same when the time comes.

    • Joanna

      They’re great pics aren’t they!
      So many people just don’t realise that a new baby is a HUGE deal for the pets in the family. It can turn their world upside down and it’s only fair to help them prepare for such a big change.

  • Alexander

    All the photos of pets are very beautiful especially Chevy and PK looks so cute. Keep sharing these type of pics.

  • Jen @Dog Adventures

    Love all the photos of the winners and runners up! Some much loved dogs there and responsible parents (or to be!) who want to create a home in which everyone can be happy, healthy and safe!

    • Joanna Paul

      Thanks Jen! They’re all winners I reckon 😉 If only I have more books to give away!

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