Care for your best mate in an emergency with this veterinarian-tutored online course

What is the PetMedic First Aid Course?

First aid for pets is just that, first aid. It is provision of emergency treatment and life support to a pet that is ill or injured before professional veterinary help is available.

Basic knowledge of first aid for pets is critical for anyone with a furry family member. It is also a must for those responsible for other people’s pets. This includes boarding kennel and cattery staff, groomers, dog walkers and trainers, and others. Knowledge of pet first aid has the potential to alleviate pain and suffering, prevent further harm, and yep, it could save your pet’s life.

Knowing basic principles of first aid and having the right equipment at your fingertips will give you the peace of mind that you can act in a timely and appropriate manner if something goes wrong, and present your pet to the vet clinic with the best possible chance of a positive outcome.

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Who is the PetMedic First Aid Course for?

The PetMedic First Aid Course is for anyone who wants the peace of mind that they can act quickly and appropriately in an emergency involving their pets. The course will also be great for anyone working with pets such as groomers, trainers and dog-walkers.

What does the PetMedic First Aid Course cover?

The course is divided into modules starting with how to asses vital signs in your normal pet, through handling and transport in an emergency to CPR and managing specific emergencies.

When will the PetMedic First Aid Course be available?

We’re busy working away putting the final touches on the course content, but we hope to have it ready for early 2016.

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