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Dear Anika and Billy,

I have a confession to make.

I never knew February 20th was the internationally recognised day of pet appreciation known as “Love Your Pet Day.”  I can’t believe we haven’t been celebrating this auspicious annual occasion for the past 12 years, and I am so so sorry.  You guys must have heard about it from your buddies in the neighbourhood dog park, right? Or from those  party animals you chase across the sand and splash in the surf with down at the beach?

Why didn’t you tell me?

Anyway, to make amends for this shocking oversight of massive proportions, I’ve decided to use this opportunity to let you know just how much I care.  I have been agonising over how best to express my love, so much so that it’s been keeping me up at night.  You see I know, as a human, nothing I do can ever compare to the  sublime and totally unparalleled love you, simply by being dogs, are able to offer so naturally. But I will try.

Anika and Billy.  You are my two best mates, and here are some promises I would like to make to you.

I Promise to Remember to Feed You

I mean, every day.  Because I know how much you guys love your food. And my food. And really any substance whether identifiable or not that you can scavenge out on our walks.  Most days, I will offer you something delicious and nutritious, but to be honest, you might occasionally still end up noshing on a dropped peanut butter sandwich with a side of spilled yoghurt.  This is because I only make promises I can keep, and you guys know we have small children in the house.

In return, I have but one, tiny request.  All I ask is that you refrain from eating faeces. I’m looking at you, Anika.

faeces poo poop

I understand that it’s a culinary delight to you not unlike champagne and caviar is to some humans, but for my own, silly human reasons, I deem it to be not cool.

And I will not let you go hungry, so you can stop putting up that “will do tricks for food” sign outside the house, it’s embarrassing.

hungry dogs

hungry dogs

hungry dog

I Promise to Defend Your Right to Dig Holes

I know, right.  It’s a totally normal canine behaviour.  It should go without saying, but unfortunately your human dad is oddly precious about his lawn.  I get it, you don’t like digging in the sandpit we built specifically for that purpose.  There’s no challenge digging in sand, no unexpected treasures to be found, and you don’t get the adrenalin rush of breaking all the rules like a badass.

Well, don’t worry guys.  I’ve got your backs on this one. Consider me your partner in criminal excavations.

digging dogCos I know, Annie, you like to dig.

digging dogAnd dig and dig and dig and dig.

digging dogAnd then dig some more.

digging dog

But I think it may be time you got a more loyal sidekick…

 I Promise to Respect Your Dignity

Most of the time.  You know this one’s really tough for me though guys, so baby steps.  I’ll readily admit that at times my innate urge to exercise compassion and empathy to all living creatures is totally overwhelmed by the wicked sense of glee I get from dressing you inappropriately.

embarrassed dogs in constumes

And then there are the times I sneak up on you like the paw-parazzi and snap a photo of you being completely ridiculous, which you, quite rightfully, do with carefree abandon in the privacy of your own home.

crazy dogs
I’m not proud of myself, but you crazy pooches just make it so easy!  I’d like to apologise not only for my own behaviour, but on behalf of all manufacturers of smart phones out there who are enabling people like me to commit injustices like the photos above every day.

Here’s the Thing Though… Every Day is Love Your Pet Day!

Every. Single. Day.

Because you guys are my pets, my best buddies, and I love your furry little faces and your big soulful eyes more than you can imagine.

Ok, I need to finish up now, I must have gotten something in my eye… Thinking about how loving, appreciative, tolerant, and accepting of everything I do you two are, well it hits me right in the feels.

All My Love,

Your Number One Fan,

Jo x

love your pet day

And Some More Open Letters to Dogs on this “Love Your Pet Day”

Some of my very good friends have also chosen this fantastic occasion to put together some promises, pledges, or vows to their furry pals. They’re really special!  If you’re a dog lover please drop by and visit them, as their blogs and websites are sensational Aussie resources for everything ‘dog’.

Jen from Dog Adventures wrote a letter to her pal Kate the kelpie about how even with a tiny new human arrival, Kate is still a much loved family member.

Kerry of Puppy Tales has written to her white fluffball Keiko and her ADORABLE new addition, Summer with some really beautiful promises from the heart.

Karen from Barxactive has put together a letter to her handsome boy, Tux, including some things she just can’t promise.

Bodhi the 1st World Dog got a lovely surprise when he received this letter from his mum, Mel,

Kristy of The Pug Diary has shared a letter to her Pug, Ref, including some adorable photos of him,

Amy from Haus of Pug has written some really special words about her furry babies, Chowski and Killa

and Dr Belinda the Vet has written a beautiful letter to her little old man, Jackamo.


I’m curious, if you could promise your pet one thing on Love Your Pet day, what would it be?

Joanna Paul

Dr. Joanna Paul BVSc (hons) BSc

Jo is a practicing small animal veterinarian based in Melbourne, Australia. Working in partnership with loving pet owners to ensure their fur-kids remain happy, healthy family members life-long is what brings her joy. Well, that and taking naps. Jo strongly believes that helping to maintain the wonderful bond between a pet and their human is reason enough for a happy dance.

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Showing 17 comments
  • Rachele Baker, DVM

    Great post, Joanna! You have a marvelous sense of humor. I have nominated you and your blog for the Liebster Award. Here is a link to my blog post with more info: http://rachelebaker.com/ive-been-nominated-for-the-liebster-award/

    • Joanna Paul

      Thanks so much Rachele!
      Wow, I feel really honored 🙂

  • Amy

    Sorry it took me a while to drop by 🙂 Your post made me laugh. Especially the part about ‘respecting their dignity’ whilst still being inclined to dress them up. Haha you can see in their faces that they’re just like “we’re doing this for you, so you better appreciate it!”

    Both Anika and Billy are lucky to have such a knowledgeable No.1 fan in their lives and of course you are very lucky to have them too 😀

    • Joanna Paul

      Thanks Amy, hopefully you’re laughing with me and not at me, hehe 😉
      I know, I am SO lucky to have them. They’re amazing little characters and I can’t imagine life without them.

  • Kristy | The Pug Diary

    Aww such a wonderful letter. Great promises too. You are all lucky to have each other.

    • Joanna Paul

      Thanks Kristy,
      I definitely feel like the lucky one 🙂

  • Kerry

    Anika and Billy are blessed furkids! And we completely agree that’s about every day, not just on one day!

    I must admit though – I suffer from similar afflictions when it comes to photographing Keiko, Summer and Rosie…. Not sure that I want for you to stop – your photos of them dressed and up to shenanigans are fabulous!

    • Joanna Paul

      Haha thanks Kerry! Every photo I’ve ever seen of Keiko, Summer and Rosie are just so so beautiful. They always look perfect and I’ve yet to see one with someone in an embarrassing outfit or with a goofy look on their face. I’d imagine they’re very proud of their portfolios 😉

  • Karen

    I loved reading your letter Jo – i think Annika and Billy secretly love those outfits…

    • Joanna Paul

      Hahaha! I wish they did! Unfortunately their ashamed body language and the looks of ‘just get this over with mum’ on their faces usually say otherwise 🙂

  • Jen @ Dog Adventures

    Oh I can’t stop laughing, loved it! Anika and Billy sound super loved and love how you have Annie’s back with the digging 🙂

    • Joanna Paul

      Yup, can’t let the ‘man of the house’ get too big for his boots, haha!

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