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July’s Dog Star has those gorgeous little brown marks above his eyes that I love.  And who doesn’t love a Kelpie!  The quintessential Aussie dog, so smart and so loyal, and loaded with energy.  Look into Kruser’s eyes and tell me you don’t want him curled up next to you on the couch, or as your new exercise buddy!

dog star of the month



Young Kruser is looking for an active family to give him a second chance after he was surrendered to Animal Aid almost two months ago. Always on the go, Kruser would benefit from some obedience training that will provide him with some structure and teach him to focus his energy more appropriately. He is very intelligent and just needs to be shown the way by an experienced dog owner.

Kruser is fine with other dogs, but would prefer a canine friend that is around his own size. Kruser has energy to burn and can be very excitable, but he also has a calmer side to his nature, which is all about pats and cuddles!  If you think this handsome man would make a great addition to your family then please speak to the Animal Aid adoption team or pop over to the Animal Aid shelter kennels for a visit.

Animal Aid

The friendly staff at Animal Aid can be contacted by phone on 03 9739 0300, or you can drop over to their website here for a wealth of information about pet adoption.  If you’d like to be the first to see next month’s Dog Star, please feel free to become one of my Fur Friends by signing up to the mailing list.

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