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What is Creature Clinic

An online resource dedicated to all things pet.  The focus is on helping our furkids live happy, healthy lives by learning more about their care and well-being.
The blog section is loaded with current, up-to-date information on pet health and behaviour issues – all based on a decade of experience as a veterinarian and carefully checked to be in line with the latest scientific research. Of course there is also the occasional tale from the vet clinic thrown in. When your patients are as adorable as ours are it can’t be helped! Poorly drawn cartoons and terrible jokes lurk here and there within the pages. Consider yourself warned 😉

We believe prevention is always better than a cure, but should an accident or emergency occur with your pet, a first aid kit and manual from our store is the best way you can be prepared.

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ABOUT DR. JO BVSc (hons) BSc


I’m Jo and I’m a practicing small animal veterinarian based in Melbourne, Australia. Working in partnership with loving pet owners to ensure their fur-kids remain happy, healthy family members life-long is what brings me joy.


I also enjoy taking naps, smooching my cheeky cat Loki, playing fetch with my dogs, and giving my kids sneaky ninja bear hugs. My two little boys are growing up with a wonderful love for animals that makes my heart swell with happiness, and my husband displays extraordinary tolerance for my tendency to bring work home.
I strongly believe that helping to maintain the wonderful bond between a pet and their human is reason enough for a happy dance.

Photography Credit: Kerry of Akemi Photography This image remains property of Kerry and is subject to copyright.


  • Anika
    Anika CEO, Team Leader - Hole Digging Department
  • Billy
    Billy President - Treat Tasting (stealing) Division, Black-belt in Ninja Lick Attacks
  • Brodie
    Brodie New addition, self-appointed head of lawn maintenance
  • Loki
    Loki Master of the Universe, Sometimes Moth Murderer
  • Yoshi
    Yoshi Chief Lab Tester, Possum Poo Connoisseur


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