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Doggy Danger - A Guide to Common Poisons in the Home
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The blog section is loaded with current, up-to-date information on pet health and behaviour issues – all based on a decade of experience as a small animal vet and carefully checked to be in line with the latest scientific research. Of course there is also the occasional tale from the vet clinic thrown in. When your patients are as adorable as mine are it can’t be helped! Poorly drawn cartoons and terrible jokes lurk here and there within the pages, but as yet there is no information presented in the form of interpretive dance. I said as yet.

2016 will be an exciting year, with the upcoming production of super practical but oh-so-cute pet first aid kits, more eBooks, and a course in pet first aid.
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Doggy Danger

A guide to common poisons in the home

Did you know some brands of peanut butter are deadly to dogs? Or that grapes and raisins cause acute kidney failure in some of our canine friends? Discover the most common pet poisons in the home and avoid a mistake that could send your dog to the pet ER or worse.


Online Pet First Aid Course

  • Learn basic skills to provide emergency treatment and life support to injured or ill pets
  • Self-paced in a modular format, study from the comfort of your own home at a time convenient for you
  • Images and short videos simplify learning material and make understanding ‘how to’s’ a breeze
  • Assessment via online quizzes
  • Access to a qualified, practicing veterinarian for email help throughout the course
  • Presentation of a certificate in Pet First Aid upon successful completion